Welcome to Sword Art Online. You’ve been invited to participate in the beta-test for this new and exciting MMO!

The world is Aincrad, a massive floating tower. There are 100 floors to explore, each with a deadly Floor Boss to take down! Every floor contains countless quests and monsters to train yourself and level up before taking on each dungeon!

Using the latest NERV-technology we are able to completely immerse you into the world of Sword Art. You will see through the eyes of your created avatar, and interact with the world as real as your own. You can taste the food, feel the wind on your skin, hear the footsteps of the other players around you- and more, thanks to the NERV-gear sending signals to your brain.

Your quest is to conquer all 100 floors and become the master of Aincrad. Along the way you will make friends, create guilds, experience our extensive crafting system and of course get tons of loot to become as awesome as you want to be.

Stay tuned for the official release date, but feel free to prepare your avatar!

Sword Art Online

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